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Raise fire awareness and increase safety in your workplace.

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Would you and your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a fire?

We can provide you with all the high-quality fire protection equipment you need to achieve Health & Safety compliance. However, it is important that everybody knows how to use it.

At H.R. Fire & Safety Ltd, we offer fire safety training so that everybody is ready and prepared for a fire emergency. From demonstrations on how to use fire extinguishers, through to advice on evacuation procedures, you can trust us to give you all the information and assistance needed.

It is a legal requirement to provide fire safety training to all staff with regular refresher courses.

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Fire safety training – Essentials lessons you will learn…

An introduction to fire awareness

How do fires start in the first place? What are the most common causes? Your questions answered.

Fire safety in your building

Identify fire exits, alarm call points and other important safety features situated in your building

Fire extinguisher demonstrations

Learn which type of fire extinguishers are needed for different classes of fire and how to use them safely.

Your fire protection plan

Create your own plan of action, including contacting emergency services and evacuating the building.

What is the maximum number of course delegates? 2017-10-10T11:15:45+00:00

To ensure everyone receives the right amount of time and support, the maximum on the course is 10.

Is the fire safety training very technical? 2017-10-10T11:15:52+00:00

No.  The training is aimed at not being technical and gives the right amount
of required knowledge. We like to encourage discussion to get the
delegates thinking about fire.

What does the training consist of? 2017-10-10T11:14:20+00:00

The principles of fire (fire triangle).
The different types of fire extinguisher and their characteristics.
What types of fire to use the extinguishers on (and also what types
of fire to not use them on).
Fire procedures for your company and the building (what to do in the event of a fire). With emphasis on the role of the fire warden
Fire quiz with questions and answers.

Where does the Fire Safety training take place? 2017-10-10T11:14:27+00:00

The HR Fire & Safety courses are held at your premises, or an alternative location agreed in advance.

How long do the fire safety training courses last? 2017-10-10T11:18:54+00:00

Typically, a training course will take between an hour and an hour and a half depending on the number of delegates and questions.

The HR fire & safety training programme is your strongest weapon against the risk of fire.

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Practice makes perfect

Have new starters or potential new fire hazards and risks affected your current fire safety plan? Regular fire awareness training is important to make sure that everybody is up-to-date with the latest fire safety products and legislation.

Fire drills should be carried out at least twice a year, checking that any fire evacuation plan is fit for purpose and that everybody is confident should an emergency fire situation arise.

Make sure that you know exactly what is needed.
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Fire Safety Training HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Fire Safety Training HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Complete fire safety training. Complete peace of mind.

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