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Extinguish flames fast with our fire hose reels

fire hose reels

High-risk environments demand a higher level of protection. Talk to us about how our fire hose reels can help you to extinguish flames fast.

: In applications where a water fire extinguisher simply is not enough, a fire hose reel system provides the performance you need. Robust and powerful, fire hose reels give superb coverage and can quickly and effectively extinguish Class A fires.
We supply, install and service a range of different fire hoses and accessories, which are suitable for use in schools, hotels, warehouses, car parks and other heavy-duty applications.

Fire hose reels and accessories:

  • Fixed fire hose reels
  • Hinged fire hose reels
  • Fire hoses
  • Fire hose reel covers
  • Beaded hose guide
  • Fire hose cabinets

Add fire alarms and fire safety signs for a fully compliant fire protection plan.

Download the HR Fire Safety brochure

Good housekeeping with our fire hose cabinets

If you need quality fire-fighting equipment, but you would like to keep it concealed, then choose a sleek and stylish unit to complement your existing décor.
We can also help you with the supply and installation of cabinets which are suitable for fire extinguishers and other equipment. So, whilst things may be out of sight, they are certainly not out of mind.

Move the fire safety in your property up another
level with our fire hose systems.
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Good housekeeping with our fire hose cabinets

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