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Reach for your safety blanket

Fire Blankets HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Sometimes, depending on the environment, a fire extinguisher is not the most practical way to put out a fire. Fire blankets, which are easily accessible are perfect for use in homes, kitchens and larger commercial or industrial applications. Made from fire-retardant material, fire safety blankets can be used to completely cover a fire as soon as it begins, by smothering the flames, cutting off the oxygen supply and putting the fire out.
Easy to use, and convenient to store, fire blankets should be included within any effective protection plan. Why not consider them for yours?

How to use your fire blanket:

  • Ensure all gas / electricity is switched OFF
  • Hold the fire blanket by its straps
  • Ensure your hands are well protected and your sleeves / clothing are out of the way
  • Cover the fire with the blanket completely
  • If unsure about any of these steps, CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE

Look no further for your fire alarms, fire safety signs and fire hose reels.

Download the HR Fire Safety brochure

Fire blankets can be used to wrap around a person if a fire unfortunately spreads to their clothes. It is important to note that in serious situations like these, it takes a matter of seconds to make the difference between life and death. Therefore, it is vital that everybody in your premises understands how to use the equipment which is available.
We can provide fire safety training to support your fire safety plans. Please get in touch and we can advise you on the best way to proceed.

Protecting your property effectively. Talk to us about how fire safety blankets can support your fire business strategy
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Fire Blankets HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Fire Blankets HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

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