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When alarm bells sound…

Fire Alarms HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Each year, around 500,000 fires occur in properties around the UK. It is a simple fact that if a fire alarm had been installed, a high proportion of these fires could have been prevented.

H.R. Fire & Safety Ltd supplies, installs and repairs a wide range of commercial fire alarm systems. These are designed to detect the very first signs of fire, raise the alarm and make everybody aware. Without question, fire alarms are an essential investment and can make the difference for both safety and property protection.

Fire alarm systems:

Fire alarm systems include detectors, sounders and also call points to cover a building’s size and scale. The requirements and number of alarms also depends on the risks associated with the building.
For professional advice on safeguarding your property against fire, please contact us.

Fire alarm panels:

Conventional fire alarm panels blend seamlessly into any room and are user friendly. You have the ability to link multiple alarms to the main control panel, and can use a keypad or key when setting the alarm.
Giving you total peace of mind that nobody else can tamper with the fire alarm.

Manual site fire alarms:

Manual site fire alarms are self-contained and include howlers and klaxons. These are ideal for semi-permanent use on building sites, within temporary accommodation or if your main system is under maintenance. They can be used individually, or linked to other units if a more comprehensive system is needed. Talk to us about the system which is right for your business.

Complete your fire prevention package with fire safety signs, fire hose reels and fire blankets.

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Fast and effective fire alarm maintenance

We have the expertise and skill to repair most fire alarm systems, regardless of whether we installed them originally. All fire alarms are serviced to BS 5839 standards and if your fire alarm should break down, call us and we will have it up and running again in no time.

Stay one step ahead…
with a top-of-the-range fire alarms.
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Fire Alarms HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Fire Alarms HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

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