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We offer a range of fire safety equipment and fire protection advice for your workplace or commercial property.

Fire Protection HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Fire safety is about more than a quality fire extinguisher. In addition to fighting the fire itself, you are reliant on a suitable system which will alert you to the presence of fire. You also need a fire safety system which directs anybody who is inside the building to where they need to go.

H.R. Fire & Safety Ltd supplies, installs and services a range of fire safety equipment which is fully compliant with the latest standards and legislation. We provide full on-site demonstrations, for each piece of equipment installed, ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge and experience to use it, should the situation arise.

To assess your existing fire protection system, or discuss future requirements, please call us.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety in your workplace or commercial property is a legal requirement.

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The Benefits From Our Fire Protection Services

Expert advice

As experts in the field of fire safety, you can be certain that every piece of fire equipment we provide is of the highest quality. Also, any further repair work, or servicing will be carried out in accordance with latest fire safety standards.

24 Hour Call Outs

We know that fire alarms require round-the-clock support, so both day and night you can rely on our engineers to support you for any emergency repairs or maintenance work, within a 20-mile radius of Leeds. Call Us Today on 0113 208 9960.

Complete Service

Our team has the experience required to provide you with a high-quality service for every aspect of fire safety.
Working closely with you at every stage, from advice to installation and maintenance.


Fire protection is about safety, but it is also a legal requirement. You could face large fines, or further legal action if you fail to provide adequate fire protection equipment and training in your commercial property.
Ensure that you are appropriately protected. Get in touch.

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Fire Protection HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

Fire Protection HR Fire and Safety and Fire Extinguishers Leeds

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