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Be prepared: Protect your property against the threat of fire with our fire extinguishers

Fire never gives you a second chance, so it is vital to get it right first time, when choosing your fire extinguisher. The damage and devastation caused by fire could cost you money, your business or even your life. It really is not worth the risk, so why take it?

H.R. Fire & Safety Ltd provides all the advice and information you need, to ensure that you have the right fire extinguisher for your requirements. Giving you complete peace of mind that your property is suitably protected.
We supply and install Firepower and Gloria extinguishers which are known for their reliability and quality.

All new extinguishers have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty provided they are serviced by us in accordance with BS 5306.

Our range of fire extinguishers

Fire safety in your workplace or commercial property is a legal requirement.

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What kind of fire extinguisher do you need?

Extinguisher types and applications:

Type A:
Paper, wood, textiles
Type B:
Flammable liquids
Type C:
Flammable gases
Type F:
Cooking oils/fats
Electrical hazards Vehicle protection
Wet Chemical

Health & Safety

Are you an employer, landlord or owner of non-domestic premises in England or Wales? Then you are responsible for fire safety in that property and face legal action or fines if you fail to have the necessary fire protection equipment.

Lower cost

All of the fire extinguishers which we supply are stored-pressure models, which means that they remain under pressure until they are used. Stored-pressure fire extinguishers have lower servicing costs than their cartridge operated extinguisher counterparts. This is because the process is much less time consuming.

Simple to use

Finding a fire extinguisher easy to use in the event of fire is very important, and our extinguishers have been designed with exactly that in mind. Simply pull out the safety pin and squeeze the lever to operate. To control the discharge, release the level of pressure applied by your hand on the levers.

On-site maintenance

Please remember that fire safety in your workplace or commercial property is a legal requirement. Contact us if you have any concerns about your fire safety plans and responsibilities.

Is your property protected from Class A fires?
It will be with our water extinguishers.
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