Staff Fire Training

Staff Fire Training If you consider that HR Fire & Safety now has a four-decade-long reputation to uphold, one built on offering the best possible advice, service and training, then, so far as we’re concerned, there’s a double emphasis on the latter. The trainers must be trained properly. That’s not only because we want to [...]

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Fire Alarm Systems Leeds

Fire alarm systems prevent fires: an obvious thing to say. So obvious it might make you laugh. But with 261 fire-related fatalities occurring in the UK between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2017, we can never stress too highly the importance of having an effective and regularly maintained alarm system in place. Here at [...]

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Fire Extinguisher Service Leeds

Fire Extinguisher Service Leeds If you ask anyone what the first line of fire protection is, chance are they’ll say an extinguisher. They’re an ever-present in the workplace, and that we barely notice their presence is undoubtedly a good thing. Yet just because most people will probably never have to use an extinguisher doesn’t mean [...]

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Fire Protection Leeds | New Year Health Check

‘Out with the old in with the new’: a new year arrives and with it the hope to get fitter, stop smoking and quit drinking, or perhaps pursue some new aim in life – a career, an education, a hobby – with vigour. Of course, we all know what follows: that the vigour cannot be [...]

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Fire Safety Training Leeds

For lots of people who work in an office environment, the initial reaction to fire safety might be one of irritation. How many times have you been on the phone, say - in a conference call, or some such – at 10 am on a Wednesday morning and you forget that the alarm is always [...]

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Fire Safety at Home Restaurant Leeds

Fire Safety at Home Restaurant Leeds One of the great things about our line of work is the client list. To say it’s interesting and varied is quite an understatement, and that’s certainly the case with one of our latest clients: Leeds restaurant Home. Having opened just last month, Home comes with credentials. It’s a [...]

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Fire Risk Assessment Leeds

Asking whether a Fire Risk Assessment is important is like asking what bears do in the woods, or enquiring about the Pope’s religious leanings. We all know as much: the harrowing images of the recent Grenfell Tower fire do, sadly, concentrate the mind in this regard, and we all have personal anecdotes we can recount. [...]

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